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Cash Prizes! Over 60 Chances to Win!!



 1st Round: 32 Winners @ $20 each

 2nd Round: 16 Winners @ $40 each

 Sweet Sixteen: 8 Winners @ $60 each

 Elite Eight: 4 Winners @ $80 each


 Final Four: 2 Games, Winners at Halftime AND Final!

  •  2 Halftime score winners @ $100 each

  •  2 Final score winners @ $200 each

All the Squares

have been sold!

Let's Play!

Congrats To All Our Winners!!!
Congratulations to all our lucky winners! We will dispense winnings this week and next.
We hope you have enjoyed playing and thank you for supporting the St. Giles PTO!

Championship Game:

Halftime Winner

Grand Prize!!!

Watch & Win from March 16 thru April 3, 2017!!!


St. Giles PTO Appreciates Your Support


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